Day #4 in Armenia // Roadtrip to Gumri (Gumri - Echmiadzin - Armenian Genocide Memorial - Yerevan)

Day #3 in Armenia // Roadtrip to Tatev (Astvatsatsin - karahunj - Areni - Tatev)

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About this Exhibit:
FIRST photopgraphy WORK SHOP IN NORTH VIETNAM with Prof. Matthias Leupold, Prof. Katharina Mayer and Prof. Ubbo Kiigler Following the previous workshops in 2010 and, 11 we spend two weeks in March surveying the north of Vietnam through photography and film. 18 design students of NABA, Milan and BTK, Berlin worked on Their first project together: In the Village of Friendship near Hanoi two workshops were Offered for children and young adults suffering from the Consequences of Agent Orange. We discovered Vietnam up to the Chinese border in Sapa, planted rice in Thai Binh province and Took a boat trip in the Halong Bay. Essentially the tour what about combining social engagement with design;students learned to teach - They established personal connections betweens the cultures. Each one of them developed a photo series or documentary on film. The results will be presented in October 2014 falling on the European Month of Photography in BTK, Berlin. Prof. Matthias Leupold FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP AND NABA BTK IN NORTHERN VIETNAM with Prof. Matthias Leupold, Prof. Katharina Mayer and Prof. Ubbo KiiglerFollowing on from the previous workshops in 2010 and ‘11 we spent two weeks in Vietnam north of photography and film examined in March 2014. In this case, 18 design students of NABA, Milan and the BTK, Berlin and Iserlohn first worked together on a project: In the “Friendship Village” near Hanoi two workshops for children and young adults, from the effects of Agent Orange were suffer performed. We explored Vietnam all the way up to the Chinese border in Sapa, jointly planted rice in the Thai Binh province and took a boat tour of Halong Bay. Conclusion: During this workshop social work found a connection with design, students learned to teach - they made ​​personal connections between the cultures here. Each developed his series of photographs or film documentation. The results are first issued in October 2014 European Month of Photography in the BTK in Berlin. Prof. Matthias Leupold MATERIALS / LINKS: NORTH VIETNAM / / BTK workshop NABA, March

They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name.
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Plastic is one of the most precious materials on earth. It’s lightweight, strong, easy to shape and great to recycle. But it’s seen as a disposable and worthless material, it’s cheap, produced in enormous quantities and shipped all over the world. Of all the plastic we use only 10% is recycled. Mainly because the machines that produce plastic products are expensive, extremely complex and are used very efficient to keep costs low. Working with recycled plastic runs the risk of damaging/polluting machines, which might slow down their production process.

I have developed a series of machines to set up a small scale plastic workshop. The machinery is based on industry standards but designed to build yourself, easy to use and made to work with recycled plastic. You can bring your old plastic to a workshop like this, new products will be made and sold. Like a carpenter or a ceramist, it is now possible to produce plastic locally.

This project is still in progress, I will continue with this and further develop machines and  set up an online community. My goal was to share all the blueprints online by now, but due to my other project Phonebloks haven’t found the time to do this yet. But stay tuned, they will come!